O N E W A Y  - J O U R N E Y  T O  N O W H E R E


Y E A R   2 0 0 7 ,  A I R S P A C E   O V E R   N O R T H A M E R I C A

Three, futuristic shaped and fusion powered aircrafts on a control flight over the north American continent.

F a d e  i n  o f  c o n t e x t :

We’re writing the year 2007, Out of still unknown reasons, around the year 2000 the former icecaps of the northern and southern polar regions began to smelt. Soon great flooding  over flooded the half world.
By that, the coldest points of the arctic region moved further north, to Hudson- Bay, the southern one to the Indian ocean, Australia
While extended rainfalls occurred, on that regions, the water froze again, and formed two, new, polar regions
The world’s scientists called  that all “Pole- shifting”
What these experts did not know, was, that the sun moves around an unknown center inside the galaxy within her planets and thousands of other stars. After one "period" of revolution when the sun reaches the one end of the described ellipse, it happens frequently, that the axis of the sun, and along with it, all her planet’s that move around her on the so-called "ecliptic", "shift". what means, move upward a bit relative to the galactic level.
Billions of people from North America, Northeast- Asia, and Australia had to flee their homes, heading to Europe, Africa and South America, what caused great troubles in these overcrowded regions
Some experts knew about the pole shifting and, as the former antarctical continent became ice free, it was occupied by the so-called Western Alliance. While the people, who had to flee to their prior enemies into hostile countries, where they had to struggle hardly to overcome, the Western Alliance founded new super modern cities in the former Antarctic.                                                             
There, in secret laboratories, technical inventions where developed,  the world had never thought about.

                                         -- 10 a--
Insert scene: “ child 2”:
In the middle of the town, surrounded by giant sky-scratchers, a shopping mall. Some taxis sway on a right defined route through the air, land on their parking places. Primitive first kind of robots open the door and welldressed, kinds of higher class people step out, Another robot offers them kind os small vehicles, that look like commode, but  couches, as they were in use in oldest times and pulled by horses ahead, that cartry them further to the huge shopping malls.
Another taxis sways in from the air out of the giant sillouette of the pyramidal buildings.
An youngm beuatifuls lady steps aout and after her her little child, a girl, around ten years old. With a wink of her hand, she denies to get cerried further by these nostalgic couches and walks uop further towards the shopping mall, with her doughter on her hand.
On their way suddenly an elder man appears in the far who seems to know her. In  the middle of their way against each other they met each other with a warm hello, and start to talk with each other about just daily news of their lifes, while the little girl stand around for a while, its view atrackted by some things around. Not very interested sways her view along the scenery around until her view stucks on one of the rare big trees, that one can still find in New Chicago, where the sun finds some hours every day its way through the jungle of skyscratchers around.
Suddenly her mind seems to penetrate the clouds, penetrate the skies and run in seconds through whole planetary systems, through star systems, until it seems to reach a remote point thousands of light years away in any foreign world.
A scheme of some figures get concrete in a foggy world, who start to speak with that little girl in an understandable lanuage here in the shopping mall of New Chicago, Northern Antarctis, new territories…..
But suddenly her mother`s voice wakes her up of her dreams:
“ Hey Christine, are you dreaming?. Come on,
We wanted to buy some tings today!”
The mother says good by to that person and both walk further to the entrance of that shopping mall..
.C u t  t o :


On board of an futuristic aircraft. The sun shines flickering from red to yellow through its windows

“ Situation unchanged, still the same...Ice, so far, I can see!”

                                         Ground control:
“Flight 07/ 453, take other course, coordinates 30/ 10 to                           Africa. We’ve got some reports about fights in the region of                    the Southern Sahara.”

“ Roger, ground-control, Flight 07/435 on its way.”

The one of the three aircrafts turns away from the other ones and starts his light engines. With enormous speed, the aircraft fades away, direction to the Atlantic ocean, Africa. Soon afterwards, the aircraft arrives at its destination, slows down , finally swaying some hundred meters above the ground. Thousands of people are gathered there , greeding, fighting for food, or trying to dig something in the ground. Emergency huts, tents, in between some tanks and military stuff.

“ Hello, Ground-control! We have arrived and can see the                          target. Seems, as if we come too late. Actually, no fights                          visible for us. Opponents probably have left the scene. Over!"

“Okay, scan all the region, and destroy all military vehicles..
We can’t afford any military escalation. After this:
Return to base. Over.”

Two laser guns move out of the plane’s bottom and destroys all vehicles on the ground with a shot of enormous energy. After this, the aircrafts starts its light engines ( hydrogen fusion) again, heading with high speed further south






11 -
c u t  t o :

N E W  C H I C A G O  A I R P O R T  - F o r m e r  A n t a r k t i s

New Chicago, a city in the "new territories", founded by the international union of advanced countries. Like other new cities there, their names were leaned on well known cities, now buried under a thick layer of ice.
While the north of America and China became the new polar regions, the former Antarctic became ice free and those ones, who could flee the situation,  found a new, untouched continent below. There,  people from all countries built up new, most modern cities, and gave them the names of those buried ones.
New Chicago is regarded as one of the most advanced ones. Its skyline out of pyramidal buildings reaches more than 1000 feet up into the sky.
It has an underground traffic system, ecological energy systems. Everything is combined, so the  loss of energy is as small as possible. The rest runs into big warmhauses, where the administration digs every, possible plant inside for the support of the people, that live in these cities., Artificial sunlight is creating comfortable conditions, though the sun shines only half of the year.
The underground traffic system consists out of automatic driven boxes, that can bring somebody by a system of tubes in minutes to a thousand miles distant location, similar to the tub email.

Deep underground are the secret laboratories, where this international company is driving their high- tech laboratories. These labs are strictly secret and surrounded by the most advanced security system. The scientific standard is due to that, what the leading, industrial nations could bring together.
But this could not prevent, that some insider had made public, that along with robots, laser guns, hydrogenfusionpowered planes also a kind of extraterrestrial vehicle exists there. It is said, that the NASA had it for years, but its experts never could understand its techniques.
Nearby to these labs is a round building, the airport. Its roof, that can be opened like a peeled orange.






to be continued...

From far away a bright point approaches to new Chicago airport. The roof of the big hall opens, while flight 07/435 comes in. The blinding light of its light turbines breaks to green, red and ultraviolet light in the dimming
„“Flight 07/435  ready  to get down.“

                                                   Gr. Control:
„ Roger, Okay, come in.“ Mr. O’Neill, there is somebody
waiting for you.“

O’Neill, the pilot:
„I just was hoping, to meet some good food today. The
spinage last time was worse than the spinach, we’ve had
one week ago.“

Computer. Control, voice synthesizer disrupt the talk:
„Automatically landing signal received...Distance: 9.76 miles to destination
Time: 2 minutes, 21 seconds.“

                                                   Ground control:
„ No, somebody from the Government, I think!“

Slowly, in vertical direction, the long stretched aircraft moves into the big landing-hall and sets up silently on the round platform.  Its flexible wings are driven inside the its main body
The light generator, that produces an electromagnetic field, which lays all along the bottom and produces a kind of kissin below the plane is shut down.
O’Neill comes out of the aircraft. Where the elevator’s door opens, a male person is waiting for him:





13 -

to be continued...

When O’Neill steps out of the elevator, the person introduces himself:
„ Hello, Mr. O’Neill, I’m Vincent Windsor. The UN has                         sent me to you, in a kind of...secret mission.“

„ I’m Sergeant O’Neill, air control -force. How can I help

                                         Vincent Windsor / V.W.):
„ Well, I was sent her, to bring over to you an invitation
for a conference of the UN, next week. They want you
as a pilot for a secret mission, I guess.“

„You guess? You don’t know exactly, what it goes about?“

„I can’t tell you. Here, I’ve got a security pass for you.  It                            allows to enter the building of the United Nations. The                              conference is scheduled in two days time. It is not allowed                  to me, to give you further information in advance."

„ You have another war going on, I would suppose. But I            can tell you, I have enough from shooting to any poor                               people, messing around in that gracy earth!"

„I can tell you that much, that the mission is not any kind of                   warfare. One the other side, you will receive a good
payment for this job. A much better, I would suppose.“

                                         O’Neill (After a while):
„Spinach remains spinach, but you’ve made me interested."“

„Okay then I can tell my colleges, that we can count on  you?”

-- 14 -

to be continued...

Meanwhile, both have arrived at the end of the terminal. Vincent Windsor gives O’Neill  the security pass, lets him countersign, and both pass the Iris detector and walk out of the security area to enter the urban traffic terminal

There, an air taxi ( They have an own, permitted airspace), is waiting for the representative.
„Are you living far from here?

Yeah, about 15O miles from here.“

Both take the air taxi and fly through the huge city with its 800 feet high, pyramidal buildings. O’Neill leaves the taxi at his house, outside the city.

C u t  t o :

U N - B U I L D I N G   I N  W O R L D  - C I T Y , 

Two days later
Conference of the United Government.

A big hall inside a huge, pyramid-building.
A scientist in a white coat is standing in front of a big screen and speaks to the gathered community. All these experts and representatives of all former nations are living and working in the new territories in the Antarctica.

„ Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for your coming,“

He tips on the remote control in his right hand. On the screen displays a picture of the planetary system.



to be continued...
„This is a picture, taken  in the year 2000, seven years ago.
It shows the Jupiter/ Saturn- conjunction with some other planets, Mars, Pluto about in the same line.“

The screen shows a second picture, taken from a satellite, outside in the planetary system. It shows a picture of the sun, within the next 20 stars in its neighborhood.
„This is a look into the galactic center. To see are some                      nearby stars, in the distance, Sagittarius, positioned right in                     front to the galactic center. The white bend, crossing that                               point, is the outside arm of the milky-way, where we all are                   situated. Here we see, that all the stars form, seen from us, an                 half ellipse. The following picture is taken by satellite "SNR           202", positioned some outside Pluto’s ways"
Another video clip is projected...
" Here, we can see, that the sun within its planets is going                     to move towards a line, where lots of bigger and smaller                      meteors are moving in direction to the galaxy center. The                      next picture shows, from where these stones seem to origin"

A third picture shows big meteors, heading through the planetary system.
In the slow motion-mode, the screen shows some of these meteors, while they hit the planets Saturn and Jupiter.

                    „The problem is, how you surely may already mention,
that some of these stones will hit the earth in the next years."








to be continued...

A fourth picture is put on screen. On that one, some of the bigger meteors with their measures and time for impact are put on a graphic.

                                         Someone in the audience:
„ That movement of the sun, you were talking about, doesn’t
it describe a circle around any nearby center?"

Scientist:, hesitating,:
" We do observe that movement, since the first satellites were
installed about in the year 1992, that were able to measure                 these movements. Since the beginning of that research, not                    even 1 degree of that supposed revolution is confirmed. I                              agree to your opinion, this all is indicating, the sun moves               around any center, but it is too early for those speculations."

                                         Someone else:
„Is there something available, to destroy these stones?“

                                         Military official:
"We’ve thought about, to destroy them by earthbound                               laser guns or -bombs, but this turned out to be impossible.                      Through the atmosphere, the laser guns are simply too weak."

Man of the international governm.:
„ We’ve thought about, project 246/ B could be activated.“

                                         Chinese representative:
„I must protest, I’m not informed about a project „246/B !“

                                         Man Of. In. Gov.:
„Project 246 B is an hydrogen fusion powered spacecraft,
constructed by "Lasertechnics inc" in order to test the                               possibility of  manned, wide ranged space flights.“                            At the word space flight, O’Neill wakes up in his armchair.




to be continued...

                    „It can be equipped with the necessary weapons.“

                                         Someone else:
„And, where is this spaceship?“

                                         M. o. G.
„In laboratory 5. After lunch, a visit there is scheduled.“
I must remark, the spaceship „Osiris“ is the first, human
made spaceship, that can carry material and persons out to
the next stars. It is ready for a test flight."

A physician with gray hairs, glasses and with a bit confused appearance,
stands up and makes a report:
" Recent experiments have proofed more or less to be true,
that the supposed light velocity is not at all the speed limit in                   the universe."

Soon he is interrupted by the M.O.G.:
" Prof. Williams, please report only briefly!"

O’Neill can not wait anymore, he stands up and asks the president:
„I’m Sgt. O’Neill from the air control. I was called in here..."

                                         The Military general:
„ Mr. O’Neill, you will be the pilot of „Osiris“ Has not                         anyone told you this jet?“

The session ends with the lunch bell.
C u t  t o :

S P A C E L A B O R A T O R I E S :

The round of U.N. members on a site seeing at the underground laboratories of "World city", where the spacecraft was constructed. The chief engineer is leading the group through the giant production halls to a large, round formed spacecraft in the middle of that hall, looking like a flattened sphere.


to be continued

„ The round size is necessary to distribute the electromagne-
tical ant gravitation field“

Another person, standing by, interrupts:
„It looks a little bit like the lost one of the Roswell accident
I’m sure, you’ve heard about..."

„Oh, I admit, it’s got some ideas... So, here, we have the
light generator. A super heavy crystal causes hydrogen atoms ,                   that come close enough to react to helium by its gravitation.            What finally comes out is nothing than light. In that part, the                     light emission is directed into the wanted direction.
Such a light generator, or core fusion reactor... Can it never            overheat and blast?

                                         Eng.: (looking over hiss glasses):
„No, never jet did. But Prof Williams will soon explain you."

The physician from the prior session, comes along, still dressed in a white coat. Proudly, he now can introduce his invention:
" Hello, I’m Prof Dr. Williams. . So far as we knew up to                           now, light has the velocity of 310.000 km/ hour. But
the related experiments were made inside the so-called sun’s            electromagnetic field. The transmitter, once
deposed on the moon, had proofed the "Michel Morleyson
experiment" to be true. But recent experiments with certain
electromagnetic fields, as are produced by stars, could                               accelerate light to far higher speed. Therefore, outside the                       magnetically field of the sun, light and gen. each object as well             should achieve higher velocity than inside. On the first test                 flight, we want to proof that theory , what could open                                us the way up to the stars."




                                         -- 19--
To be continued...

                    " Only under those circumstances, a flight to any nearby star
would be possible. Its a great chance for us and the whole                     world."
Chief- engineer:
„Okay then, let’s have a look inside!“

The group follows the physician on the stairway, that leads into the interior of the spacecraft.

                    „Into that space flyer has been packed the most advanced
technology, we could anyway achieve.
Here is the heart of the mission: The " 070 neuron controlled
Computer system.“

                                         Man o. GOV::
„Neuronal computer, I’ve thought, the cloning of human
stim cellars is forbidden by law?“

„ Oh, its not a stimmcellar, our Japanese expert took "adult
cellars"...after our intervention, I must admit.“

                                         O’Neill, to his neighbor:
„I would like to know, from whom`s sweating head these
adult cellars were taken from. From Einstein’s graveyard?“

„Well, as I said, this computer can handle each kind of
situation, such like we human beings would. It can learn                       by its mistakes and has an own kind of conscience.“
For a while, O’Neill skeptically looks onto the round box, where the neuron CPU obviously is build in, while the other comity walks over to the neighbored room.

                    „ And that here is one of our proudest inventions! May I




                                                   -- 20 --
to be continued...

                    introduce to you...Robby, the autopilot.“

_Something strange, with the shape of a human being,  a helmet on its metal head, turns around in its armchair, looking towards the audience.

                    "Hello! I’m Robby, autopilot, I’m a neuron controlled space
navigator. I was constructed by Edward Williams in the year
2006. With my advanced receiving system, I can realize                              realize objects out to 3 light-years distance.“
Chief eng.:
„ Robby, what are your most important premissions?

To guide the spaceship through all eventualities, to carry out                the tasks of the mission and to protect human lives on board."

Hearing that, he Government representative gets a glorious expression in his face
Chief. Eg.:
„ Thank you, Robby, you can go back to your work!“

                                         O’Neill, whispering to his neighbor:
„He speaks with it like with any ape in a zoo!“
Some people in the round applause, some not.

                                         Other, female guest.:
„ And it can’t become as dangerous  these robots, I’ve
seen in these films? I hope, it’s got a switch, to turn it out!"
The Japanese constructor is smiling, while the crowd is going to leave the hangar.
Ch. Eng.:
„ it was a kind of toy of Mr. Henson. We thought, it would                    be an attractive partner to the crew. It can make some repairs,                    and play the 4th symphony of Beethoven on Violin!"

" Oh how funny! Sent me over one for my daughter!"



                                         -- 21 --
to be continued...

The MOG walks over to Prof Henson, while they move toward the great gate:
Man of Gov,:
„ I personally have nothing against these gen-tests. But as you know, the organization for natural life can make us many problems!"

               Ch. engineer:
Oh, the nerve cellars come from a secret military project, that
wasn’t under law protection. These neurons are the only                       computer chips, that work about 100 % even in comical                            environments!                                                                                                                                                               C u t  t o.:

The other members of the crew for „Osiris“ is informed and called to their mission.

A n  O b s e r v a t o r y,  h i g h  o n  a  m o u n t a i n s  i n  C h i l e

Mrs. Jenny Evans, astrophysician, sits at her Computer, working on data- material from the telescope, running over the screen in front to her.
„ Yeah, it is moving. Aldebaran is moving in direction to
Sirius. I knew it! Now I’ve found the proof!"

„Mrs. Evans, these things are waiting for you. You’ve got to                     go to the astronauts meeting.“

Another. elder person in the room looks up from his work:
„I will to take the material to the space commission. I had                         already informed the IASA before, but my report must have
landed in the waste paper basket! Now, I’ll get the chance,                   to confront the whole expert commission with these facts!"



                                         -- 22 --
to be continued...

                                                   The other person:
„ But- it’s nothing exceptional! The computer encountered,                              these stars are moving since an, for our history, eternity in               that direction. I mean... they ever did!“
J. Evens
„Yeah; that’s right. But that is an evidence for a big mass                       there, very close to our subsystem, probably an black hole.             And we will go out there, first time in human history.                   It is essential for that mission to realize these facts!

„But it will be just a test flight, to shoot away these meteors.“

J. Evens.:
„When will they come, to take me from here? 5 O’clock ?"

                                                                                           C u t  t o :

O N  A  F A R M I N G  T E S T  - F I E L D,  M E X I C O ,

The sun burns hot on a farming field in the north of Mexico.  During the pole shifting, the former desert region has turned into a fertile landscape with sufficient rainfalls and the region was used as farmers land since.
In thze shadow below a green bush, lies a lady about 30 years old, hjer ease closed. The intensive  heat or the work has made her tired, the lids of her eyes twinkle why the wind moves through her hair  and the shadow of the leafs, while the with the wind dance over her face.

But deep inside she has a strange dream:
… its like on on ship that moves through high waves. Far away she can see the sun on the horizon, that seems to move up and down, while the ship moves through the mountains of waves to crash again down into the deep of the valley in between.
She tries to hold on something, but the can`t. Everything does with her what she wants,. While the ship wipps from one side to the other,  the waves seem to get ever higher an bigger and crash over the reeling. The seems to lose conscience, while all the water around her turns it color into a light yellow. For one moment she thinks she sees somebody. A scheme
--23 a inserted scene-

of a person inside the mountains of water rolling towards her. Then she looses control and the big waves takes her over  board. She sinks into the water deeper an deeper. Thinks she is going to die, she drifts  willess don into the deep. She need to breath, but  the realizes that that all around is no water at all. A big funnel deep down seems to pull her towards its squirling opened mouth. Far away she suddenly sees the sun , then the earth, finally the whole the  planetary system as if she would be far away, with a tremendous sound moving towards that opened funnel, shifting aside, whiles the stars in tha background move in the opposite direction, when she suddenly wakes up .

and Maria looks up into the strange light of the flickering sun above her, that sheds its flickering light sometimes blue, then green, and again in red color into the evening atmosphere: She gets aware of Jose a farming assistant:
“ Mrs Rodruigez! Desculpa me mucho, que jo te revaillo:
Este una llamada videotelefonoca urgente para te!“

In his hand he has the videophone. Tired , Maria takes the phone into her hand and sees a well dressed person with an expensive suite on in an untramodern office on the other side of the line:
Hello, Mrs Rodruigez, How is it going over there.?
I think okay, I can  see all the pine fruits on your fields that let me  run the water in my mouth!”

Maria gets aware she knows that person from anywhere, when that man intruduces himself:
“ Well I´m Charles Hudson from the ministry for agriculture
And I call you, as we need your experience as a biologist. I´ve seen your examinations…and I know, you are the best we have…

Maria remembers to have seen his photograph on any of the official catalogues with advices, that come sometimes in her office and slowly awake, she answers:
“ Yes I remember who you are! What is up?”

The voice on the other side anwers:
“ Well I think it would be the best if you just would come here to New Chicago. Then I can explain you all.  It is just 300 miles away. I think you can be here in half an hours

          --23 b- inserted scene-

time…I`ve sent you an aircraft, that should arrive in the next hour I think. I hope you have nothing else to do that evening?”

Maria unsurely  tries to tell him anything:
“ Well Mr Hudson, if it so so urgently I surely have time today. But I should take some things with me if it takes longer!”

                                         Mr Hudson:
“ Now that is not necessary we have all here what you need! Whas about the cultivations there. Something new?


 2Well;f we have continued less stronger sun eruptions, we’ll have a good harvest this year! But the Mexican workers run off each time, when they see these strange clouds." (she hold the videophone towards the sky.)

In the sky, the clouds form long stripes, that origin from one point in the west into all directions.

                                         Mr Hudson:
“ Yeah I can see it! But that is about the reason, why we would like to have your assistance her!”

Maria Rodr.:
„ Yeah, they ( the Indian workers) have told me
something about an old calendar, that there are many foundamantal changes and  catastrophies about to come . They say they see that all as signs  their ancient god „Quezualcoatl. has told them long ago!”

                                         Mr Hudson:
„Yeah, I remember that name isn`t that that person which looks like an astronaut on a chair? How funny.
I’ think I´ve seen that relief in our historical world  museum."
-- 24 --
to be continued...

“ I think I have to end our call, I think, your plane has arrived. See you later!”

Maria turns around for one moment, when an high-speed light powered aircraft  approaches, landing silently onto the ground to take Maria
to the space base in New Houston. A wide ramp opens at its bottom and Maria steps into the interior of  comfortable big aircraft. She sits on on a comfortable seat and a waitress copkes to offer some drinks. Ahead, a signal lamp lightens up: “ G –force antifield activated” and soon the aircraft lifts up into the sky and with an enourmoues acceleration inner seconds it fades  with the multiple mach speed in the skies.

C u t  t o_.

N E W  S P A C E B A S E  I N  N E W  H O U S T O N

The aircraft with Maria on board comes in at the big gate of New Houston airport The rest of the crew for space flight one is already there.:
Mr. Andrew O- Neill: Associated pilot. ( the ship is running fullautomati-
Mrs. Jenny Even           Physician:  For astrophysical observation
General Robert Henson: Board security and mission control
Dr. Ewald Hofman :    Prehistorically scientist: for eventual historical research

Further the stuff of an medical lab, some Security personal, and some
volunteers for the test of the coolness sleeping chambers, are enclosed in an nearby facility, working on a training program.

They are led to the entrance of the IASA building into the smaller converence room. After a while, the IASA mission director Hudson comes steps the door, introduced himself and each of the crew to each other.
“ Well as you all know, we have some serious problems with protuberances on the sun , We had no explanation for its instability yet, until some of the outside satellites on Neptune made us these pictures here, that show( he puts the images on the screen) us a big concentration of heavier metheors outside the sun system in the direction to Gemini- heading towards the earth.

                    Jenny Evan”s interrupts him:
“Well I have seen the problem and made a report to you. The deformations on the sun mass go into the same direction but can not be caused by the estimated mass of these objects. Rather by a star. In the region that is instabil or is going to collapse.!

                    Mr Hudson:
“Well, I´ve read your documentation. But it seems rather unlikely to me, as all light analysis of the nearby stars do not show any irregularity”

                    Jenny Evenas:
“ No, I mean, the institute for astrophysics wanted to equip the outside satellites with a new gravitometer, that isn´t really  full developed at the moment, but works anyway.
As you known, its long time  known, that while the light pulse by an exploding star needs light years to reach us, its gravity waves would be measurable about at the same moment here on earth, if we could measure them  what is not possible on earth because of the own earth gravity out in the orbit!”
Mr Hudson:
“ Well I know these theories and I am the latest who wouldn`t believe you, but you know our science equette wants to have proofs before to set some theories of  honest and well respected Mr Einstein out of its fundamental importance to our science! And unfortunately that machine-. called gravitometer is still not ready and can be only tested on a orbital mission. I know it’s a drag…”

However, shortly explained, I want you to go on a aission aith our new Space craft called Osiris; a revolutionary spacecraft, the first of its kind, made possible by oure progress in hydrogen fusion we made in the recent 5 years.
I need you on the  first test mission to explore that strange behavior of the sun, for some physical and biological test on these metheors. Surely, also the gravitometer will be on board , further The spacecraft called Osiris will in addition  test some laser weapons, and destroy some o these metheors that possibly come near by the earth,m before they considere it different and will hit us.  You are the best pilots and experts we could find anmd I surely   hope you all will be with us! The first test flkight is scheduled for tomorrow morning. You`ll be back in one, latest in three days, if everything works okay. Will you?”

All the gathered crew thinks and discusses  for a while, until they all give her final okay and are led down to the underground labs where spacecraft Osiris stands
Mr Hudson ends the session

                                                             C u t  t o :
U n d e r g r o u n d  l a b s :
The crew is introduced to the space ships functions

Chief engineer:
„There is nearly nothing to learn about , how to fly „Osiris“
All runs normally fully automatically. For any eventualities,
Mr. O’Neill has absolved and quick course about manual

They are entering the big hall, where Osiris stand already in start position

                                         Chief- engineer:
„Everything is driven by the central computer and the                               autopilot” Robby.  I’m shore, you will like him.“
O Neill quits that with a questionable expression on his face.

On a railway trace, some scientist bring in an apparently heavy box, which is looking like a great electromagnet. They bring the heavy box near the ship, turn it around to a vertical direction, then, the magnet is connected to the spaceship- bottom.

                                         Ch. Eng.:
„ The heart of the light motors, A super heavy crystal. In 2 cm distance to its surface,, its gravitation is so strong, that it presses together the hydrogen- atoms until they react.“

The crystal is lifted into the airplane. A blue shimmering magnetic field


------24 b—

lays around it. Everything in its near glows up.
Then, the engineers activate the magnetically fields, that should hold the crystal swaying inside the reactor so, that it does not touch any walls.
The tap of the machines heart is closed.

                                         Mission control engineer ( coming by):
„ Your flight will only last some days.
You agreed voluntarily, to take part in the mission. Now, it is
the last chance, to take back your declaration!“

As everybody quits that with a smile, The MCE carries on:
„You have artificial gravity on board, 1 "G" like on mother
earth. If some wants to heave it easier, its possible,
but be careful. You have to step back on earth after that!“

With a silent roaring, the light generator starts to work, after the hydrogen was filled into the tanks. With a immense humming, the energy runs through the ship . Everything starts to shiver gently.
Some things, laying around inside the production hall  begin to move slowly in direction of the ship, when its energy level rises to the scheduled  test level. an pick on the hulls of the ship.. A loose metal bottom from somebody’s jacket is pulled to the ships hull.

On their last evening before their lift- off, the crew sits together with the people, who had planned all the mission, in a restaurant. With them came in another member of the crew. General B. Henson, deployed for the observation of the armation.

                                         Man from U.N.:
„ The mission last only four days. We want to have
as much information as possible, what happens out there.
That’s why we demand you as experts, surely to look at
extraordinary circumstances. These meteors out there
could origin from an exploded planet, there could be some
relicts on it or something else.“

With a toast for the success of the enterprise the evening ends.

                                                                                 C u t  t o :

O N  B O A R D  O F  T H E  S P A C E S H I P  „ O S I R I S „ :
                                         -- 25 --

On the following day, the spaceship „Osiris" is scheduled to start to the outside planets, for a operation to eliminate meteors and an test flight for the ship, (acceleration test).
The crew is boarding. They put their baggage into their private rooms and gather in the commando unit of the ship.

There, in the moment, the computer is switched on and all data are loaded: On the screens the message: „Auto setup initiated“

One after another, flight data, and memories are loaded in.
The autopilot Robby becomes aware from its agony, one after another, all systems are started. Flight control, energy supply, antigravitation.
While she watches at the memory DataStream, running into the ship’s databank, Jenny Evens is wondering:

                    „They fill in so many data, as if we never would come          
back! Physics, history."

N e x t  d a y  : L i f t  o f f

The complete crew has boarded. The computer- unit’s artificial voice sounds through the spaceship:
„Spaceship „Osiris" ready to take off, waiting for countdown
From the Ground- control comes the countdown with 11 minutes to take off.

                    „ All members of crew and stuff are requested to  enter their
security life-support- chambers,. The ant acceleration  is ne-
cessary for everyone! Time to take off: 10 minutes 0 seconds.

All the crew walks into the security cabins. The computer counts down the last 2 minutes. At the last seconds, the light boosters are started.
Out of three round openings under the bottom come green, red and blue light that mix together to white light in some distance to the ship.
Nearly silently, but with a power, that lets shiver the base through and through, the spaceship heads off from New- Houston space base in the Antarctic continent. Soon it wins height and after a short while, the white lightening ball has disappeared in the thick clouds of the thunderstorm, that lays permanently over the whole continent at this midsummer time.

  • 26—

To be continued…

Penetrating the clouds, the strange flickering sun appears. its light shifting from red to green and back to blue. Only 10 minutes later, the crew and stuff comes gets the signal to leave their security- cabins, The board computer makes its report:

                    „ Spaceship  Osiris started, all functions normal.
Position: 30.000 miles away from the moon.
Direction: Outer planets Saturn,  Time for arrival:
3 hours, forty seconds. Ship at 20 % power.
Speed:  1. 234.000 miles per hour, rising.

                                         O’Neill to the gathered crew:
„Okay, behind the Saturn orbit are the first stones. At
all, there are 8 bigger ones, we have to destroy,
3 there, the other 5 at the edge of the planetary system.“













                                         -- 27 --
to be  continued...

                    „ Okay, its time to drink a coffee.“

The crew meets in the living room, while the spaceship already is passing the moon and corrects its course towards Jupiter and Saturn..  Inner some minutes, the flickering sun turns into a small spot far behind.

                                         Jenny Evens: ( J.E.):
„Saturn stands in Gemini, doesn’t it?“

                                         Ewald Hofmann:
Yeah, I think so, let’s have a look at the star map!“

He’s going over to the screens, enhancing the front camera picture. There Gemini stands directly, far away, in the further flight direction. A bit below, a very bright star, Sirius.               

                                         Hoffmann ( comes back t, the table):
„ I had a very interesting issue on Gemini- star group. You
know, I’m anthropologist and studied many old cultures, my
favorite one is the Inca culture. Gemini plays a big part in
their myth’s. The Egypt’s had a calendar, based on Sirius`...

                                         Jenny Evens ( thinking)
"Oh, I’ve almost the same interests, I am working on a                               research project regarding the movement of some nearby                               stars Gemini, that obviously are moving in direction of Sirius.
Just at that moment, the computer signals a message
„ First meteor contact in 35 minutes, guns ready to fire.
Distance:  63.456.876 miles. Speed of meteors:  3456 miles 
per hour." Speed of ship: 67.765843 miles per hour, rising.“

                                         Jenny Evens: (looking onto the meteor):
But these stones are very slowly, I would mean: too slowly!“

After a short time, the first of the stones are in distance for the laser guns and Robby, in its armchair shots them away with its joystick. Some smaller stones are taken in by an installed magnet for scientific research.


                                         -- 28 --
to be continued...

With a loud noise, the stones crash into the freight chambers. Soon, the computer puts all data, shape, density, weight, consistence on screen.

„ These seems to be extremely heavy stones! This little rock               with not almost 200 liters weights 85 tons!“

                                         O´Neill comes by:
" Yeah, very strange."

While Maria and Hofmann are going to retreat into their private rooms, Jenny Evens is immediately beginning to make an first examination on the stones.
„I would like to know the exactly flight-curve of all the
meteors, as soon as we’ve passed the third one ahead.“

An hour later, the spaceship has destroyed the last of the first three meteors, beyond the Saturn-orbit and heads further to the peripheries of the sun- system.
On the main screen, where the computer has displayed the courses of all three meteors, the line ends up at Sirius star system. And automatically, the ship follows this course along to find the last dangerous meteors further out. But nobody really takes notice about that interesting fact, right in that moment. The ship is too new and interesting and takes the stuff’s awareness.                  
C u t  T o :
O’Neill steps in the lab, where Jenny is analyzing the probes.

" And... something interesting about these meteors?"

                                         Jenny Evens:
„ Now, I think, I know one reason, why they send us out to                     here. We have to get them here meteors with super heavy                      crystals inside!"

Jenny Evens goes over to the screen, presses some bottoms. The computer designs a graphic of the meteors moving vectors and points out Sirius as the  estimated origin, adding it’s data: Sirius A,B,“ Double sun system, main sun  2.5 sun masses. Second sun: 1 sun mass, white dwarf. Est. Distance: 7.9  ac.
With a dark feriour, Jenny Evens and O’Neill look to each other.