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NOTES ON THIS PAGES:sorry!Very late-I have continued and meanwhile completed all update of links to the Smithsonian volcano database in the lists- right of map, after the institute had changed their domain names some years ago, after that none of the more than 1000 links to the single volcano descriptions did not work anymore. This is much work ! updates to other maps will follow if I have time and lust to do so thanks! Visit th the Smithsonian page to get information on current worldwide volcano current activities!






Index volcanoes- ofMEXICO (white numbers)
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
01 CERRO PRIETO- 32°25'6"N/ 115°18'18"W 1401-00- Lava dome Ho* CERRO PRIETO    
02 PINACATE- pos 31°46'21"N/ 113°29'54"W 1401-001 Cinder cones Ho* PINACATE    
03 SAN QUINTIN VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 30°28'4"N/ 115°59'47"W 1401-002 Cinder cones Ho?* SAN QUINTIN VOLCANIC FIELD    
04 ISLA SAN LUIS- pos 29°58'0"N/ 114°24'0"W 1401-002 Tuff cones Ho* ISLA SAN LUIS    
05 JARAGUAY VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 29°20'0"N/ 114°30'0"W 1401-004 Cinder cones Ho* JARAGUAY VOLCANIC FIELD    
06 CORONADO- pos 29°5'0"N/ 113°30'48"W 1401-005 Stratovolcano F* CORONADO    
07 GUADALUPE- pos 29°4'0"N/ 118°17'0"W 1401-006 Schield volcano Ho* GUADALUPE    
08 SAN BORJA VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 28°30'0"N/ 113°45'0"W 1401-007 Cinder cones Ho* SAN BORJA VOLCANIC FIELD    
09 UNNAMED- pos 28°0'0"N/ 115°0'0"W? 1401-008 submarine volcano? u* UNNAMED    
10 EL AGUAJITO- pos 27°36'0"N/ 112°32'0"W? 1401008B Caldera P* HS* EL AGUAJITO    
11 TRES VIRGENES- pos 27°28'11"N/ 112°35'28"W 1401-01- Stratovolcanoes Ho?* TRES VIRGENES    
12 TORTUGA- pos 27°26'0"N/ 111°53'0"W 1401-011 Schield volcano Ho* TORTUGA    
13 PUNTA PULPITO- pos 26°31'0"N/ 111°28'30"W 1401011A Lava dome P* PUNTA PULPITO    
14 COMONDU-LA PURISIMA- pos 26°0'0"N/ 111°55'0"W? 1401-012 Volcanic field Ho?* COMONDU-LA PURISIMA    
15 BARCENA- pos 19°18'0"N/ 110°49'0"W 1401-02- Cinder cones Hi* BARCENA    
16 SOCORRO- pos 18°47'0"N/ 110°57'0"W P 1401-021 Schield volcano Hi* SOCORRO    
17 DURANGO VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 24°9'0"N/ 104°27'0"W P 1401-022 Cinder cones Ho* DURANGO VOLCANIC FIELD    
18 ISLA ISABEL- pos 21°50'54"N/ 105°53'10"W P 1401-023 Tuff Cones Ho?* ISLA ISABEL    
19 SANGANGUEY- pos 21°27'0"N/ 104°44'0"W P 1401-024 Schield volcano Ho* SANGANGUEY    
20 CEBORUCO- pos 21°7'30"N/ 104°30'30"W H 1401-03= Stratovolcano Hi* CEBORUCO    
21 MASCOTA VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 20°37'0"N/ 104°50'0"W H 1401-031 Cinder cones Ho* MASCOTA VOLCANIC FIELD    
22 SIERRA LA PRIMAVERA- pos 20°37'0"N/ 103°31'0"W ? 1401031E Caldera P* HS* SIERRA LA PRIMAVERA    
23 COLIMA 19°30'50"N/ 103°37'0"W H 1401-04= Stratovolcano Hi* COLIMA
24 MICHOACAN-GUANAJUATO- pos 19°51'0"N/ 101°45'0"W H 1401-06= Cinder cones Hi* MICHOACAN-GUANAJUATO    
25 LOS AZUFRES- pos 19°51'0"N/ 100°38'0"W P 140106=A Caldera P* F* LOS AZUFRES    
26 ZITACUARO-VALLE DE BRAVO- pos 19°24'0"N/ 100°15'0"W H 1401061 Caldera Ar/Ar* ZITACUARO-VALLE DE BRAVO    
27 JOCOTITLAN- pos 19°44'0"N/ 99°45'30"W H 1401-062 Stratovolcano R* JOCOTITLAN    
28 NEVADO DE TOLUCA- pos 19°6'30"N/ 99°45'30"W H 1401-07- Stratovolcano R* NEVADO DE TOLUCA    
29 CHICHINAUTZIN- pos 19°5'0"N/ 99°8'0"W H 1401-08- Volcanic field R* CHICHINAUTZIN    
30 PAPAYO- pos 19°18'30"N/ 98°42'0"W H 1401-081 Lava dome Ho* PAPAYO    
31 IZTACCIHUATL- pos 19°10'44"N/ 98°38'30"W H 1401-082 Stratovolcano Ho* IZTACCIHUATL    
32 POPOCATEPETL 19°1'24"N/ 98°37'20"W H 1401-09= Stratovolcanoes Hi* POPOCATEPETL (NEW!)
33 LA MALINCHE- pos 19°13'51"N/ 98°1'55"W 1401-091 Stratovolcano R* LA MALINCHE    
34 SERDAN-ORIENTAL- pos 19°16'0"N/ 97°28'0"W 1401-092 Tuff cones Ho* SERDAN-ORIENTAL    
35 LOS HUMEROS- pos 19°41'0"N/ 97°27'0"W 1401-093 Calderas Ho?* LOS HUMEROS    
36 LOS ATLIXCOS- pos 19°48'32"N/ 96°31'35"W 1401-094 Schield volcano Ho* LOS ATLIXCOS    
37 NAOLINCO VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 19°40'0"N/ 96°45'0"W H 1401-095 Pyroclastic clones R* NAOLINCO VOLCANIC FIELD    
38 COFRE DE PEROTE- pos 19°29'30"N/ 97°9'0"W H 1401-096 Schield volcano Ho* COFRE DE PEROTE    
39 LA GLORIA- pos 19°20'0"N/ 97°15'0"W H 1401-097 Volcanic field Ho* LA GLORIA    
40 LAS CUMBRES- pos 19°9'0"N/ 97°16'0"W H 1401-098 Stratovolcano R* LAS CUMBRES    
41 PICO DE ORIZABA- pos 19°1'48"N/ 97°16'5"W H 1401-10= Stratovolcano Hi* PICO DE ORIZABA    
42 SAN MARTIN- pos 18°34'0"N/ 95°12'0"W H 1401-11= Schield volcano Hi* SAN MARTIN    
43 EL CHICHON- pos 17°21'36"N/ 93°13'40"W 1401-12= Lava domes Hi* EL CHICHON    
44 TACANA- pos 15°7'48"N/ 92°6'45"W 1401-13= Stratovolcano Hi* TACANA    
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
Us= Uranium series C* = Caldera  
F* = Fumarolic R* = Radiocarbon    
Index volcanoes of Central America: GUATEMALA:( yellow numbers)
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
  GUATEMALA: latitude/ longitude:              
01 TAJUMULCO- pos 15°2'4"N/ 91°54'12"W H 1042-02= Stratovolcano Ho* TAJUMULCO      
02 SANTA MARIA 14°45'21"N/ 91°33'6"W H 1042-03= Stratovolcano Hi* SANTA MARIA      
03 ALMOLONGA- pos 14°49'0"N/ 91°29'0"W 1042-04= Stratovolcano Hi* ALMOLONGA      
04 SANTO TOMAS- pos 14°42'37"N/ 91°28'43"W P 104204A Stratovolcano P* F* SANTO TOMAS      
05 ATITLAN- pos 14°34'58"N/ 91°11'11"W 1042-06= Stratovolcano Hi* ATITLAN    
06 TOLIMAN- pos 14°36'45"N/ 91°11'21"W 1042-07= Stratovolcano Ho* TOLIMAN      
07 ACATENANGO- pos 14°30'2"N/ 90°52'33"W H 1042-08= Stratovolcano Hi* ACATENANGO      
08 FUEGO 14°28'22"N/ 90°52'49"W H 1042-09= Stratovolcano Hi* FUEGO  
09 AGUA- pos 14°27'53"N/ 90°44'35"W H 1042-10= Stratovolcano Ho* AGUA      
10 PACAYA 14°22'51"N/ 90°36'4"W H 1042-11= Complex volcano Hi* PACAYA      
11 CUILAPA-BARBARENA- pos 14°20'0"N/ 90°24'0"W H 1042-111 Volcanic field Ho* CUILAPA-BARBARENA      
12 TECUAMBURRO- pos 14°9'22"N/ 90°24'25"W H 1042-12= Stratovolcano R* TECUAMBURRO      
13 JUMAYTEPEQUE- pos 14°20'8"N/ 90°16'10"W H 1042-121 Stratovolcano Ho?* JUMAYTEPEQUE      
14 MOYUTA- pos 14°2'0"N/ 90°6'0"W H 1042-13= Stratovolcano HS* MOYUTA      
15 FLORES- pos 89°59'32"W/ 89°59'32"W H 1042-14= Volcanic field Ho* FLORES      
16 TAHUAL- pos 14°26'0"N/ 89°54'0"W 1042-141 Stratovolcano Ho* TAHUAL      
17 CERRO SANTIAGO- pos 14°20'0"N/ 89°52'0"W 1042-15- Volcanic field Ho* CERRO SANTIAGO      
18 SUCHITAN- pos 14°24'0"N/ 89°47'0"W 1042-16- Stratovolcano Ho* SUCHITAN      
19 CHINGO- pos 14°7'0"N/ 89°44'0"W 1042-17- Stratovolcano Ho* CHINGO      
20 IXTEPEQUE- pos 14°25'0"N/ 89°41'0"W 1042-18- Lava domes Ho* IXTEPEQUE      
21 IPALA- pos 14°33'0"N/ 89°38'0"W 1042-19- Stratovolcano Ho* IPALA      
22 CHIQUIMULA VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 14°50'0"N/ 89°33'0"W 1042-20- Cinder cones Ho* CHIQUIMULA VOLCANIC FIELD      
23 QUEZALTEPEQUE- pos 14°34'0"N/ 89°27'0"W 1042-21- Volcanic field Ho* QUEZALTEPEQUE      
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
R* = Radiocarbon
F* = Fumarolic
u* = uncertain
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
01 SAN DIEGO- pos 14°16'0"N/ 89°29'0"W H 1403-001 Volcanic field Ho* SAN DIEGO      
02 CERRO SINGUIL- pos 14°3'0"N/ 89°39'0"W H 1403-002 Cinder cones Ho* CERRO SINGUIL      
03 APANECA RANGE- pos 13°53'27"N/ 89°47'10"W H 1403-01= Stratovolcano Ho* APANECA RANGE      
04 SANTA ANA- pos 13°51'12"N/ 89°37'48"W H 1403-02= Stratovolcano Hi* SANTA ANA      
05 IZALCO- pos 13°48'45"N/ 89°37'58"W H 1403-03= Stratovolcano Hi* IZALCO      
06 COATEPEQUE CALDERA- pos 13°52'0"N/ 89°33'0"W H 1403-041 Caledera Ho* COATEPEQUE CALDERA      
07 SAN SALVADOR- pos 13°44'3"N/ 89°17'38"W H 1403-05= Stratovolcano Hi* SAN SALVADOR  
08 CERRO CINOTEPEQUE- pos 14°1'0"N/ 89°15'0"W H 1403-051 Volcanic field Ho* CERRO CINOTEPEQUE      
09 GUAZAPA- pos 13°54'0"N/ 89°7'0"W H 1403-052 Stratovolcano Ho?* GUAZAPA      
10 ILOPANGO- pos 13°40'18"N/ 89°3'12"W H 1403-06= Caldera Hi* ILOPANGO      
11 SAN VICENTE- pos 13°35'43"N/ 88°50'15"W ? 1403-07= Stratovolcano Ho* SAN VICENTE      
12 APASTEPEQUE FIELD- pos 13°43'0"N/ 88°46'0"W H 1403-071 Volcanic field Ho* APASTEPEQUE FIELD      
13 TABURETE- pos 13°26'6"N/ 88°31'55"W H 1403-072 Stratovolcano Ho?* TABURETE      
14 TECAPA- pos 13°29'38"N/ 88°30'8"W H 1403-08= Stratovolcano Ho?* TECAPA      
15 USULUTAN- pos 13°25'8"N/ 88°28'14"W H 1403-081 Stratovolcano Ho* USULUTAN      
16 TIGRE- pos 13°28'0"N/ 88°26'0"W H 1403-082 Stratovolcano Ho* TIGRE      
17 CHINAMECA- pos 13°28'40"N/ 88°19'49"W H 1403-09= Stratovolcano Ho* CHINAMECA      
18 SAN MIGUEL- pos 13°26'2"N/ 88°16'9"W H 1403-10= Stratovolcano Hi* SAN MIGUEL      
19 LAGUNA ARAMUACA- pos 13°25'42"N/ 88°6'18"W H 1403-101 Maar Ho* LAGUNA ARAMUACA      
20 CONCHAGUA- pos 13°16'30"N/ 87°50'42"W P 1403-11= Stratovolcano u* CONCHAGUA      
21 CONCHAGUITA- pos 13°13'43"N/ 87°46'3"W P 1403-12= Stratovolcano Hi* CONCHAGUITA      
22 ISLA EL TIGRE- pos 13°16'20"N/ 87°38'26"W H 1403-13= Stratovolcano Ho* ISLA EL TIGRE      
23 ZACATE GRANDE- pos 13°20'0"N/ 87°38'0"W H 1403-14= Stratovolcano Ho* ZACATE GRANDE      
24 LAKE YOJOA- pos 14°59'0"N/ 87°59'0"W H 1403-15= Volcanic field Ho* LAKE YOJOA      
25 UTILA ISLAND- pos 16°6'0"N/ 86°54'0"W P 1403-16= Pyroclastic cones Ho* UTILA ISLAND      
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
Us= Uranium series C* = Caldera  
F* = Fumarolic R* = Radiocarbon   P* = Pleistocene
      u* = uncertain   A* = Anthropology
Index volcanoes of NICARAGUA- COSTA RICA- Panama
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
NICARAGUA ( green numbers) :
coordinates latudide/ longitude           INETER
01 COSIGUINA- pos 12°59'0"N/ 87°34'0"W H 1404-01= Stratovolcano Hi* COSIGUINA    
02 SAN CRISTOBAL 12°42'6"N/ 87°0'13"W H 1404-02= Stratovolcano Hi* SAN CRISTOBAL webcam may not be available
03 TELICA 12°36'9"N/ 86°50'42"W H 1404-04= Stratovolcano Hi* TELICA webcam may not be available
04 ROTA- pos 12°33'0"N/ 86°45'0"W H 1404-06= Stratovolcano Ho* ROTA    
05 CERRO NEGRO- 12°30'22"N/ 86°42'7"W H 1404-07= Cinder cones Hi* CERRO NEGRO webcam may not be available
06 LAS PILAS- pos 12°29'41"N/ 86°41'18"W H 1404-08= Complex volcano Hi* LAS PILAS    
07 MOMOTOMBO- pos 12°25'21"N/ 86°32'24"W H 1404-09= Stratovolcano Ho* MOMOTOMBO    
08 APOYEQUE 12°14'30"N/ 86°20'30"W H 1404-091 Pyroclastic shield R* APOYEQUE    
09 NEJAPA-MIRAFLORES- pos 12°7'0"N/ 86°19'0"W H 1404-092 Fissure vents T* NEJAPA-MIRAFLORES    
10 MASAYA- pos 11°59'3"N/ 86°9'39"W H 1404-10= Caldera Hi* MASAYA    
11 GRANADA- pos 11°55'0"N/ 85°59'0"W ? 1404-101 Fissure vents Ho* GRANADA    
12 MOMBACHO- pos 11°49'34"N/ 85°58'3"W H 1404-01= Stratovolcano Ho* MOMBACHO    
13 ZAPATERA- pos 11°44'0"N/ 85°49'0"W H 1404-111 Schield volcano Ho* ZAPATERA    
14 CONCEPCION- pos 11°32'16"N/ 85°37'21"W H 1404-12= Stratovolcano Hi* CONCEPCION    
15 MADERAS- pos 11°26'44"N/ 85°30'54"W P 1404-13= Stratovolcano Ho* MADERAS    
16 ESTELI- pos 13°10'0"N/ 86°24'0"W H 1404-131 Fissure vents Ho?* ESTELI    
17 CERRO EL CIGUATEPE- pos 12°32'0"N/ 86°8'30"W H 1404-032 Stratovolcano Ho?* CERRO EL CIGUATEPE    
18 LAS LAJAS- pos 12°18'0"N/ 85°44'0"W H 1404-133 Schield volcano Ho* LAS LAJAS    
19 VOLCAN AZUL- pos 12°32'0"N/ 83°52'0"W P 1404-14= Cinder cones Ho* VOLCAN AZUL    
  COSTA RICA ( grey numbers) :            
01 OROSI- pos 10°58'48"N/ 85°28'24"W H 1405-01 = Stratovolcano Ho?* OROSI    
02 RINCON DE LA VIEJA 10°49'48"N/ 85°19'26"W H 1405-02= Complex volcano Hi* RINCON DE LA VIEJA    
03 MIRAVALLES- pos 10°44'54"N/ 85°9'10"W H 1405-03= Stratovolcano Hi* MIRAVALLES    
04 TENORIO- pos 10°40'22"N/ 85°0'54"W H 1405-031 Stratovolcano Ho* TENORIO    
05 ARENAL 10°27'48"N/ 84°42'12"W H 1405-033 Stratovolcano Hi* ARENAL  
06 PLATANAR- pos 10°18'0"N/ 84°21'57"W H 1405-034 Stratovolcano Ho* PLATANAR    
07 POAS 10°12'0"N/ 84°13'58"W H 1405-04= Stratovolcano Hi* POAS    
08 BARVA- pos 10°8'6"N/ 84°6'0"W H 1405-05= Complex volcano T* BARVA    
09 IRAZU- pos 9°58'45"N/ 83°51'9"W H 1405-06= Stratovolcano Hi* IRAZU    
10 TURRIALBA 10°1'30"N/ 83°46'1"W H 1405-07= Stratovolcano Hi* TURRIALBA
  PANAMA ( orange numbers) :            
01 BARU- pos 8°48'28"N/ 82°32'34"W H 1406-01= Stratovolcano Hi* BARU    
02 LA YEGUADA- pos 8°28'0"N/ 80°49'0"W P 140601A Stratovolcano P* F* LA YEGUADA    
03 EL VALLE- pos 8°35'0"N/ 80°10'0"W H 1406-03= Stratovolcano Ho* EL VALLE    
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
Us= Uranium series C* = Caldera  
F* = Fumarolic R* = Radiocarbon   P* = Pleistocene
      u* = uncertain   A* = Anthropology


Index volcanoes of the WEST INDIES ( light green numbers)
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
01 SABA- pos 17°38'0"N/ 63°14'0"W H 0600-01= Stratovolcano Hi* SABA      
02 THE QUILL- pos 17°28'40"N/ 62°57'35"W H 0600-02= Stratovolcano R* THE QUILL      
03 LIAMUIGA- pos 17°22'0"N/ 62°48'0"W H 0600-03= Stratovolcano R* LIAMUIGA      
04 NEVIS PEAK- pos 17°9'0"N/ 62°35'0"W H 0600-04= Stratovolcano Ho?* NEVIS PEAK      
05 SOUFRIERE HILLS 16°43'0"N/ 62°11'0"W 0600-05= Stratovolcano Hi* SOUFRIERE HILLS    
06 BOUILLANTE CHAIN- pos 16°7'0"N/ 61°45'0"W P 06005=C Maars P* HS* BOUILLANTE CHAIN      
07 SOUFRIERE GUADELOUPE- pos 16°3'0"N/ 61°40'0"W 0600-06= Stratovolcano Hi* SOUFRIERE GUADELOUPE  
08 MORNE AUX DIABLES- pos 15°36'45"N/ 61°26'0"W H 0600-08= Stratovolcano Ho* MORNE AUX DIABLES      
09 MORNE DIABLOTINS- pos 15°30'12"N/ 61°23'50"W H 0600-09= Stratovolcano Ho?* MORNE DIABLOTINS      
10 MORNE TROIS PITONS- pos 15°22'0"N/ 61°20'0"W H 0600-10= Complex volcano R* MORNE TROIS PITONS      
11 MORNE WATT- pos 15°18'24"N/ 61°18'18"W H 0600-101 Stratovolcano Hi* MORNE WATT      
12 MORNE PLAT PAYS- pos 15°15'18"N/ 61°20'27"W H 0600-11= Stratovolcano R* MORNE PLAT PAYS      
13 PELEE- pos 14°49'0"N/ 61°10'0"W H 0600-12= Stratovolcano Hi* PELEE    
14 QUALIBOU- pos 13°50'0"N/ 61°3'0"W H 0600-14= Caldera Hi* QUALIBOU      
15 SOUFRIERE ST. VINCENT- pos 13°20'0"N/ 61°11'0"W H 0600-15= Stratovolcano Hi* SOUFRIERE ST. VINCENT      
16 KICK 'EM JENNY- pos 12°18'1"N/ 61°38'24"W H 0600-16= submarine volcano Hi* KICK 'EM JENNY      
17 ST. CATHERINE- pos 12°9'0"N/ 61°40'0"W H 0600-17= Stratovolcano Ho* ST. CATHERINE      
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
C* = Caldera
P* = Pleistocene
R* = Radiocarbon
F* = Fumarolic