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Index volcanoes- ofICELAND AND ARCTIC OCEAN( white numbers)
Name/USGS datalink:
geographic position
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
  ICELAND / WESTERN:              
01 SNAEFELLSJOKULL- pos 64°48'0"N/ 23°47'0"W 1700-01= Stratovolcano R* SNAEFELLSJOKULL      
02 HELGRINDUR- pos 64°52'0"N/ 23°15'0"W 1700-02= Pyroclastic cones Ho* HELGRINDUR      
03 LJOSUFJOLL- pos 64°52'0"N/ 22°14'0"W 1700-03= Fissure vents A* LJOSUFJOLL      
  ICELAND- SOUTHWESTERN:              
04 REYKJANES- pos 63°53'0"N/ 22°30'0"W 1701-02= Crater rows Hi* REYKJANES      

KRISUVIK- pos 63°56'0"N/ 22°6'0"W


1701-03= Crater rows Hi* KRISUVIK
06 BRENNISTEINSFJOLL- pos 63°55'0"N/ 21°50'0"W 1701-04= Crater rows Hi* BRENNISTEINSFJOLL      
07 HENGILL- pos 64°5'0"N/ 21°19'0"W 1701-05= Crater rows Hi* HENGILL      
08 HROMUNDARTINDUR- pos 64°4'24"N/ 21°12'6"W 1701-051 Stratovolcano Ho?* HROMUNDARTINDUR      
09 GRENSDALUR- pos 64°1'0"N/ 21°10'0"W 1701051A Stratovolcano P*F* GRENSDALUR      
10 GRIMSNES- pos 64°2'0"N/ 20°52'0"W 1701-06= Crater rows T* GRIMSNES      
11 GEYSIR- pos 64°19'0"N/ 20°18'0"W 170106B Stratovolcano P* G* GEYSIR    
12 PRESTAHNUKUR- pos 64°36'0"N/ 20°35'0"W 1701-07= Subglacial volcano R* PRESTAHNUKUR      
13 HVERAVELLIR- pos 64°45'0"N/ 19°59'0"W 1701-08= Subglacial volcano R* HVERAVELLIR      
14 HOFSJOKULL- pos 64°47'0"N/ 18°55'0"W 1701-09= Subglacial volcano Ho* HOFSJOKULL      
  ICELAND/ SOUTHERN;              
15 VESTMANNAEYJAR- pos 63°26'0"N/ 20°17'0"W 1702-01= submarine volcanoes Hi* VESTMANNAEYJAR      
16 EYJAFJALLAJOKULL- pos 63°38'0"N/ 19°37'0"W 1702-02= Stratovolcano Hi* EYJAFJALLAJOKULL
17 KATLA- pos 63°38'0"N/ 19°3'0"W 1702-03= Subglacial volcano Hi* KATLA  
18 TINDFJALLAJOKULL- pos 63°47'0"N/ 19°34'0"W 1702-04= Stratovolcano Ho* TINDFJALLAJOKULL      
19 TORFAJOKULL- pos 63°55'0"N/ 19°10'0"W 1702-05= Stratovolcano Hi* TORFAJOKULL      
20 HEKLA 63°59'0"N/ 19°42'0"W 1702-07= Stratovolcano Hi* HEKLA
21 GRIMSVOETN- pos 64°25'0"N/ 17°20'0"W 1703-01= Caldera Hi* GRIMSVOTN     2004
22 BARDARBUNGA- pos 64°38'0"N/ 17°32'0"W 1703-03= Stratovolcano Hi* BARDARBUNGA      
23 TUNGNAFELLSJOKULL- pos 64°44'0"N/ 17°55'0"W 1703-04= Stratovolcano Ho* TUNGNAFELLSJOKULL      
24 KVERKFJOLL 64°39'0"N/ 16°43'0"W 1703-05= Stratovolcano Hi* KVERKFJOLL   1968
25 ASKJA- pos 65°2'0"N/ 16°45'0"W 1703-06= Stratovolcano Hi* ASKJA     1961
26 FREMRINAMUR- pos 65°26'0"N/ 16°39'0"W 1703-07= Stratovolcano T* FREMRINAMUR      
27 KRAFLA- pos 65°44'0"N/ 16°47'0"W 1703-08= Caldera Hi* KRAFLA      
28 THEISTAREYKJARBUNGA- pos 65°53'0"N/ 16°50'0"W 1703-09= Shield volcano T* THEISTAREYKJARBUNGA      
29 TJORNES FRACTURE ZONE- pos 66°18'0"N/ 17°6'0"W 1703-10= submarine volcano Hi* TJORNES FRACTURE ZONE      
  ICELAND- SOUTHEASTERN:              
30 ORAEFAJOKULL- pos 64°0'0"N/ 16°39'0"W 1704-01= Stratovolcano Hi* ORAEFAJOKULL    
31 ESJUFJOLL- pos 64°16'0"N/ 16°39'0"W 1704-02= Stratovolcano u* ESJUFJOLL      
  NORTH OF ICELAND:              
32 KOLBEINSEY RIDGE- pos 66°40'0"N/ 18°30'0"W 1705-01= submarine volcano Hi* KOLBEINSEY RIDGE      
33 not on map!JAN MAYEN-(NORWAY) pos 71°5'0"N/ 8°10'0"W 1706-01= Stratovolcano Hi* JAN MAYEN    
  ARCTIC OCEAN:              
34 not on map! UNNAMED- pos 88°16'0"N/ 65°36'0"W 1707-01= submarine volcano u* UNNAMED (1)      
35 not on map! UNNAMED- pos 85°35'0"N/ 85°0'0"E 1707-02= submarine volcano Ho* UNNAMED (2)      
  SURTSEY   webcams by vedur      
  additional webcams >: Blue Lagoon webcam> Blàa Ìonio-cam 27 diverse Iceland webcams>
local ref> Iceland tv news. usefuld links to TV stations but also ferries
** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
R* = Radiocarbon
F* = Fumarolic
u* = uncertain
Index volcanoes of EUROPE
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
find volcano on Google Earth**
volcano webcam:
last eruption
  WESTERN EUROPE:              
01 0100-01= Maar R* WEST EIFEL VOLCANIC FIELD_ Laacher See     around 8.300 B.C
02 CHAINE DES PUYS- pos 45°46'30"N/ 2°58'0"E 0100-02= Lava domes R* CHAINE DES PUYS    
03 OLOT VOLCANIC FIELD- 42°10'0"N/ 2°32'0"E 0100-03= Pyroclastic cones Ho* OLOT VOLCANIC FIELD      
04 CALATRAVA VOLCANIC FIELD- pos 38°52'0"N/ 4°1'0"W 0100-04= Pyroclastic cones R* CALATRAVA VOLCANIC FIELD      
05 LARDERELLO- pos 43°15'0"N/ 10°52'0"E 0101-01= explosion craters Hi* LARDERELLO      
06 AMIATA- pos 42°54'0"N/ 11°38'0"E 0101001A Lava domes P* F* AMIATA      
07 VULSINI- pos 42°36'0"N/ 11°56'0"E 0101-003 Caldera Hi* VULSINI      
08 ALBAN HILLS- pos 41°44'0"N/ 12°42'0"E 0101-004 Caldera Ho?* ALBAN HILLS      
09 CAMPI FLEGREI- pos 14°8'20"E/ 14°8'20"E 0101-01= Caldera Hi* CAMPI FLEGREI      
10 VESUVIUS- pos 40°49'17"N/ 14°25'34"E 0101-02= Somma volcano Hi* VESUVIUS  
11 ISCHIA- pos 40°44'0"N/ 13°53'51"E 0101-03= Complex volcano Hi* ISCHIA      
12 PALINU- 39°29'0"N/ 14°50'0"E 0101-031 submarine volcano R* PALINURO      
13 STROMBOLI 38°47'22"N/ 15°12'47"E 0101-04= Stratovolcano Hi* STROMBOLI   sat images
14 PANAREA- pos 38°38'0"N/ 15°4'0"E 0101-041 Stratovolcano Ho* PANAREA      
15 LIPARI- pos 38°29'0"N/ 14°57'0"E 0101-042 Stratovolcanoes R* LIPARI      
16 VULCANO- pos 38°24'13"N/ 14°57'42"E 0101-05= Stratovolcanoes Hi* VULCANO    
17 ETNA 37°44'3"N/ 15°0'16"E 0101-06= Stratovolcanoes Hi* ETNA    
18 CAMPI FLEGREI- pos 37°6'0"N/ 12°42'0"E 0101-07= submarine volcanoes Hi* CAMPI FLEGREI MAR SICILIA      
19 PANTELLERIA- pos 36°46'0"N/ 12°1'0"E 0101-071 Schield volcano Hi* PANTELLERIA      
20 METHANA- pos 37°36'55"N/ 23°20'8"E 0102-02= Lava domes Hi* METHANA     258 BC
21 MILOS- pos 36°41'55"N/ 24°26'20"E 0102-03= Stratovolcanoes R* MILOS     140 AD
22 SANTORINI- pos 36°24'13"N/ 25°23'47"E 0102-04= Shield volcano Hi* SANTORINI
23 NISYROS- pos 36°35'8"N/ 27°9'35"E 0102-05= Stratovolcanoes Hi* NISYROS      
24 YALI- pos 36°40'14"N/ 27°8'23"E 0102-051 Lava domes Ho* YALI      
25 KOS- pos 36°51'7"N/ 27°15'5"E 010206=A Calderas P* F* KOS      
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
  R* = Radiocarbon
Index volcanoes of TURKEY
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
find volcano on Google Earth**
volcano webcam:
01 KULA- pos 38°35'0"N/ 28°31'0"E 0103-00- Cinder cones Ho* KULA    
02 KARAPINAR FIELD 37°40'0"N/ 33°39'0"E 0103-001 Cinder cones Ho* KARAPINAR    
03 HASAN DAGI- pos 38°8'0"N/ 34°10'0"E 0103-002 Stratovolcano Ho* HASAN DAGI    
04 GOLLU DAG- pos 38°15'0"N/ 34°34'0"E 0103-003 Lava dome Ho?* GOLLU DAG    
05 ACIGOL-NEVSEHIR- pos 38°34'0"N/ 34°31'0"E 0103-004 Caldera A* ACIGOL-NEVSEHIR    
06 ERCIYES DAGI- pos 38°31'0"N/ 35°29'0"E 0103-01= Stratovolcano R* ERCIYES DAGI    
07 KARACA DAG- pos 37°40'0"N/ 39°50'0"E 0103-011 Shield volcano Ho* KARACA DAG    
08 NEMRUT DAGI- pos 38°39'0"N/ 42°14'0"E 0103-02= Stratovolcano Hi* NEMRUT DAGI    
09 SUPHAN DAGI- pos 38°55'0"N/ 42°49'0"E 0103-021 Stratovolcano Ho* SUPHAN DAGI    
10 GIREKOL TEPE- pos 39°6'0"N/ 43°25'0"E 0103-022 Shield volcano Ho* GIREKOL TEPE    
11 TENDUREK DAGI- pos 39°22'0"N/ 43°52'0"E 0103-03= Shield volcano Hi* TENDUREK DAGI    
12 ARARAT- pos 39°42'0"N/ 44°18'0"E 0103-04= Stratovolcano Hi* ARARAT  
13 KARS PLATEAU- pos 40°45'0"N/ 43°15'0"E 0103-05= Volcanic field Ho?* KARS PLATEAU    
14 ELBRUS- pos 43°20'0"N/ 42°27'0"E 0104-01- Shield volcano T* ELBRUS    
15 KASBEK- pos 42°42'0"N/ 44°30'0"E 0104-02- Stratovolcano T* KASBEK    
16 KABARGIN OTH GROUP- pos 42°33'0"N/ 44°0'0"E 0104-03- Cinder cones Ho* KABARGIN OTH GROUP    
17 UNNAMED- pos 42°27'0"N/ 44°15'0"E 0104-04- Cinder cones Ho* UNNAMED (1)    
18 UNNAMED- pos 41°33'0"N/ 43°36'0"E 0104-05- Lava cones Ho* UNNAMED (2)    
19 ARAGATS- pos 40°32'0"N/ 44°12'0"E 0104-06= Stratovolcano Ho* ARAGATS    
20 GHEGAM RIDGE- pos 40°16'30"N/ 44°45'0"E 0104-07= Volcanic field A* GHEGAM RIDGE    
21 DAR-ALAGES- pos 39°42'0"N/ 45°32'30"E 0104-08= Pyroclastic cones A* DAR-ALAGES    
22 PORAK- pos 40°1'0"N/ 45°47'0"E 0104-09= Stratovolcano A* PORAK    
23 TSKHOUK-KARCKAR- pos 39°44'0"N/ 46°1'0"E 0104-10= Pyroclastic cones T* TSKHOUK-KARCKAR    
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** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
Us= Uranium series C* = Caldera  
F* = Fumarolic R* = Radiocarbon   P* = Pleistocene
      u* = uncertain   A* = Anthropology
Volcanoes of the AZORES
Name/USGS datalink:
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
01 FLORES 39°27'44"N/ 31°12'58"W 1802-001 Stratovolcanoes R* FLORES        
02 CORVO 39°41'56"N/ 31°6'39"W 1802-002 Stratovolcano Ho* CORVO      
03 FAYAL 38°36'0"N/ 28°44'0"W 1802-01= Stratovolcano Hi* FAYAL        
04 PICO 38°28'0"N/ 28°24'0"W 1802-02= Stratovolcano Hi* PICO  
05 SAN JORGE 38°39'0"N/ 28°5'0"W 1802-03= Fissure Vents Hi* SAN JORGE        
06 GRACIOSA 39°1'0"N/ 27°58'0"W 1802-04= Stratovolcano Ho* GRACIOSA      
07 TERCEIRA 38°44'0"N/ 27°19'0"W 1802-05= Stratovolcanoes Hi* TERCEIRA      
08 DON JOAO DE CASTRO BANK 38°14'0"N/ 26°38'0"W 1802-07= Submarine volcano Hi* DON JOAO DE CASTRO BANK        
09 SETE CIDADES 37°52'0"N/ 25°47'0"W 1802-08= Stratovolcano Hi* SETE CIDADES        
10 PICOS VOLCANIC SYSTEM 37°47'0"N/ 25°40'0"W 1802-081 Pyroclastic cones Hi* PICOS VOLCANIC SYSTEM        
11 AGUA DE PAU 37°46'0"N/ 25°28'0"W 1802-09= Stratovolcano Hi* AGUA DE PAU        
12 FURNAS 37°46'0"N/ 25°19'0"W 1802-10= Stratovolcano Hi* FURNAS        
13 MONACO BANK 37°36'0"N/ 25°53'0"W 1802-11= Submarine volcano Hi* MONACO BANK        
14 MADEIRA 32°44'0"N/ 16°58'0"W 1802-12= Shield volcano R* MADEIRA > on map Afrika
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Name/USGS datalink:
geographic position: longitude/ latitude
volcano number:
volcano type:
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volcano webcam:
01 LA PALMA 28°34'0"N/ 17°50'0"W 1803-01 Stratovolcanoes Hi* LA PALMA Roque de las Muchachos
02 HIERRO 27°44'0"N 18°2'0"W 1803-02 Shield vocano R* HIERRO    
03 TENERIFE 28°16'17"N 16°38'27"W 1803-01 Stratovolcano Hi* El PICO DEL TEIDE  
04 GRAN CANARIA 28°0'0"N 15°35'0"W 1803-04 Fissure Vents R* GRAN CANARIA        
05 FUERTEVENTURA 28°21'30"N 14°1'0"W 1803-05 Fissure Vents Ho* FUERTEVENTURA        
06 LANZAROTE 29°2'0"N 13°38'0"W 1803-06 Fissure Vents Ho* LANZAROTE        
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submarine volcano
Pyroclastic cone
** about the Google Earth feature:
Hi* = historical
Us= Uranium series C* = Caldera  
F* = Fumarolic R* = Radiocarbon   P* = Pleistocene
      u* = uncertain   A* = Anthropology



Orakel sites



name and link to wikipedia


geographical position

estimated age

cultural reference

literaric reference

short description

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01 Delphi GR/ Korinth-

38° 28′ 53″ N, 22° 29′ 59″ O

unknown Hellas

Pythia, the priestess of Apollo-Herodotus[28] (Histories 2:54–57)

Delphic Sibyl     Delphi
02 Dodona GR/ Epirus

39° 32′ 47″ N, 20° 47′ 16″ O

4000 BC Hellas         Dodona
03 Livadia Korinth/ Parnass

38° 26′ N, 22° 52′ O

unknown Hellas ---- ---------     Livadia (Orakel)
04 Abai GR/ Phokis

38° 35′ 0″ N, 22° 56′ 0″ O

unknown Hellas named after Abas, King of Argos ---------     Abai
05 Oropos GR/ Attica

38° 18′ N, 23° 45′ O

unknown Hellas Graea ---------     Oropos
06 Claros Asia minor ( today: W- Turkey)

38° 0′ 18″ N, 27° 11′ 35″ O

unknown Hellas ----- Apollon Sybil     Claros ( Orakel- Sybil)
07 Didyma Asia minor ( today: W- Turkey)

37° 23′ 6″ N, 27° 15′ 23″ O

unknown Hellas Herodot (1,157) und Pausanias (7,26)       Didyma ( Sybil)
08 Patara Asia minor ( today: W- Turkey)

36° 16′ N, 29° 19′ O

unknown Apollon Patroos  

Sybil near to thedelta of the river Xanthos

09 Ammonion Today Egypt

29° 11′ N, 25° 33′ O

1500 BC Egypt ( not on this map)   Sybil of the Egypt god Amun     Siwa Oasis

Famous mythological sites:



name and link to wikipedia


geographical position

estimated age- time of foundation

cultural reference

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  Athens ( gr. Athina)  

37° 59′ N, 23° 44′ O

(at least) 3000 BC Hellas

Platon> Timaios

Pallas Athena


  Thiva ( Theben of Hellas )                 Thiva ( Theben)
  Orchomenos Boeotia

38° 30′ N, 22° 59′ O

  Olympia Peloponnes

37° 38′ 18″ N, 21° 37′ 51″ O

1.100 BC ( cultural site) Hellas   -1. old Greece sanctuary of the Olympic gods. 2. Later site for the ancient Olympic games     Olympia
  Sparta Pe*/ Lakonien

37° 4′ N, 22° 26′ O

    Homer > Menelaos
diverse>               Symplegades- Kyaneische Felsen (Argonautica)

Western Asia ( todays Turkey):

  Phasis ( today: Poti in Georgia) Kolchis

42° 9′ N, 41° 40′ O

unknown Egypt/ Persia

Apollodorus/ Argonautica`

Herodot (Historien IV, 37)




    Phasis ( today_ Poti)
  Troy / Troja todays Turkey

39° 57′ 26″ N, 26° 14′ 19″ O

unknown Aphrodite/ Hephaistos Homer- Ilias


Places of importance in Western Asia up to the Christian period   In Johannes/ Book of Revelation each of the seven Letters starts - as commanded by a heavently appearance with the phrase: "write to the angels of Ephesos."... What the seven comunities and angels have to do with the seven seals a.s.o is still unclear.  
  Ephesos Lydia- today`s Turkey

37° 56′ N, 27° 21′ O

at least 5.000 AD

Temple of Artemis


reportedly founded by Androklos, King of Attica

Minoan the Hittitian, Mycenaean Greece

In Johannes/ Book of Revelation: (commanded by a heavently appearance) "write to the angels of Ephesos : the community that had forsaken its first love "
  Smyrna Lydia- today`s Turkey

38° 25′ 0″ N, 27° 9′ 0″ O

unknown Johannes/ Book of Revelation: Seven churches of Asia   In Johannes/ Book of Revelation: "the community that would suffer persecution"     Smyrna (today_ Ä°zmir)
  Pergamon Lydia- today`s Turkey

39° 7′ N, 27° 11′ O

unknown     In Johannes/ Book of Revelation"the community that needed to repent "     Pergamon
  Thyatira Lydia- today`s Turkey

38° 55′ N, 27° 50′ O

unknown Seleukos I.   In Johannes/ Book of Revelation"the community that had a false prophetess"     Thyatira
  Sardis/Sardes Lydia- today`s Turkey

38° 29′ N, 28° 2′ O

472 AD- Persian Empire The Persians of Aeschylus In Johannes/ Book of Revelation: "the community that had fallen asleep"     Sardes
  Philadelphia ( today: Alaşehir) Lydia- today`s Turkey

38° 21′ 0″ N, 28° 31′ 0″ O

189 BC King Eumenes II of Pergamon Philadelphia means: city of brotherly love

In Johannes/ Book of Revelation:" the church that had endured patiently"

  Laodicea ( today: Lydia- today`s Turkey

37° 50′ 9″ N, 29° 6′ 27″ O

in 261-253 BC Antiochus II Theos, The town was originally called Diospolis, "City of Zeus, afterwards Rhoas In Johannes/ Book of Revelation:""the church with the lukewarm faith"     Laodicea
** about the Google Earth feature:
FR* = Frankreich / France
GR= Greece ( Hellas)      
Pe* Peloponnesos
UK* = United Kingdom
TU= Turkey        


Index historical sites of Europe and Western Asia

nr name and link to wikipedia place geographical position
estimated age
cultural reference literaric reference
short description
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MEGALITHIC:         postulated original layout of all circles:  
01 Stonehenge UK/ Wiltshire 51°1044″ N/ 1°49`35″ W 3.100 BC Celtic Merlin Saga
UK/ Wiltshire
51°2542″ N/ 1° 51`14″ W
2.500- 2.600 B.C
associated with Stonehenge

West Kennet Long Barrow

UK/ Wiltshire
51° 2431N/ 1°51′3″W
3.500 B.C     associated with Stonehenge  
Menhire               Stones of Stenness
020 Heart of Neolithic Orkney Orkney isl/ Scotland   2.700 B.C     arrangement of large vertical stones     Heart of Neolithic Orkney
021 Ring von Brodgar Orkney isl/ Scotland 59°0′6″ N/ 3°13′49″ W       arrangement of large vertical stones     Ring of Brodgar
022 Barnhouse


58°59′45″ N, 3°12′31″ W       arrangement of large vertical stones     Barnhouse
030 Cordon des Druides FR-/ Ille-et-Vilaine               Cordon des Druides
  Crucuno near Carnak 47°37′N, 3°8′ W       Dolmen     Crucuno
  Dolmen of Bagneux                 Dolmen von Bagneux
Frankreich, Bretagne
47°35′ N, 3°5′ W
3000 Menhirs
                    Anta von Pavia
040 Anta Grande do Zambujeiro Portugal/ Évora 38°32′ 21N/ 8°052″W       megalithic cult chamber     Anta Grande do Zambujeiro
041 Menhir dos Almendres Portugal/ Évora 38°33′27″ N/ 8°3′41″ W       Cromlech.- 92 oval stones in an elliptic layout . those dont exist nearby in the region     Menhir Dos Almendres
042 Portela dos Mogos Portugal/ Évora        


    no coordinates available
050 Cueva de Menga Antequera/ Spanien 37°1′29″ N, 4°32′47″ W 2500 B.C     Dolmen/ tomb     Cueva de Menga
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FR* = Frankreich / France
UK* = United Kingdom